Obtaining tutorial materials

The demos, tutorials, protocol captures, and all example inputs are provided with the full Rosetta distribution, under the demos/ directory. Rosetta is available for license (which is free of charge to academic users) at https://www.rosettacommons.org/software.

For RosettaCommons users, the demos repository should be automatically downloaded by the get_rosetta.sh download script. Alternatively, RosettaCommons users can download the demos repository from GitHub. e.g.

git clone git@github.com:RosettaCommons/demos.git 


These are introductory tutorials intended as a gentle introduction to Rosetta concepts, and using common functionality of Rosetta. For additional examples and information on using Rosetta, see the demos (below) or the Rosetta documentation

Full input files for the tutorials are located in the demos/tutorials/ directory of the Rosetta distribution.

Introduction to Rosetta

  1. How To Read These Tutorials
  2. Installing and Building Rosetta
  3. Working With Rosetta
  4. Controlling Input and Output
  5. Core Rosetta Concepts
  6. Working with Non-protein Residues
  7. Scoring: Calculating the Energy of a Structure
  8. Full-Atom vs. Centroid Representations
  9. The Packer: Optimizing Sidechains
  10. Minimization: Finding Deeper Energy Wells
  11. Relax: Refining Structures
  12. Constraints: Biasing Towards a Structure
  13. Analyzing Rosetta Output
  14. The Fold Tree: Propagating Changes in the Structure
  15. Symmetry: Modeling Symmetric Proteins
  16. Scripting with RosettaScripts
  17. Advanced Scripting with RosettaScripts
  18. Commonly Used Options
  19. Tips

Commonly Used Rosetta Protocols


Demos are designed to guide users through sample procedures in computational modeling from the point of view of solving a specific problem.

Full input files for the demos are located in the demos/public/ directory of the Rosetta distribution.

Protocol Captures

Many papers using Rosetta are accompanied by a protocol capture - an example of how to use the protocol discussed in the paper. The protocol captures below aren't meant to show the best way to solve problems in the current version of Rosetta, instead they are meant to show published solutions to problems that were addressed by members of the Rosetta community. The purpose of these protocol captures is both to serve as a historical record and to assist those trying to reproduce past results. See the demos (above) for updated versions of most protocol captures.

Full input files for the protocol captures are located in the demos/protocol_capture/ directory of the Rosetta distribution.

Adding new demos

See the How To Write Demos and Tutorials page for details about writing new demos.

Demos Under Development

If you want to prevent a demo from being published to the static wiki until you've finished developing it or written a paper on it or something, put it in demos/pilot.