**NOTE: If you are looking for general information on analyzing your results in Rosetta, check the Analyzing Results page.

List of analysis applications

  • Score application: Application to score one or more structures.
  • Residue energy breakdown: Outputs residue-by-residue score information for a given input structure.
  • Density map scoring: Scores how well a structure agrees with experimental electron density data.
  • DDG monomer: Application to predict changes in stability for monomeric proteins caused by a point mutation.
  • Cartesian DDG: DDG calculation using Cartesian space sampling.
  • Interface analyzer: Calculates binding energies, buried surface areas, and other metrics for interfaces between two or more chains in a PDB.
  • interface_energy: energy at the interface between two sets of residues.
  • PeptiDerive: For a given interface, finds the linear stretch that contributes the most binding energy.
  • Pocket measure: This application takes in a PDB file and specified target residue/residue pair and, generates a (localized) PocketGrid, and outputs the total "deep volume" of all target pockets and the largest pocket.
  • Theta ligand: Given PDB files for a protein and ligand, outputs the fraction of the ligand that is exposed to solvent in the bound complex.
  • RosettaHoles: Rapid assessment of protein core packing for structure prediction, design, and validation.
  • FeaturesReporters.
  • RECCES: RNA free energy calculation with comprehensive sampling.
  • shobuns: Buried unsatisfied polar atoms for the SHO solvation model.
  • PerResidueSolventExposure: Quantify solvent exposure on a per residue basis.
  • HDXEnergy: Score a protein structure with HDX data.

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