These applications serve mainly to support other Rosetta applications, or to assist in setting up or analyzing Rosetta runs.


  • Build peptide: Build extended peptides or protein structures from sequences.

  • CA to allatom: Build fullatom models from C-alpha-only traces.

  • Cluster: Cluster structures by structural similarity.

  • constel: "Constellations" of atoms for chemical rescue of structure.

  • Create symmetry definition: Create Rosetta symmetry definition files for a point group.

  • Fragment picker: Pick fragments to be used in conjunction with other fragment-aware Rosetta applications.

  • Loops from density: Create Rosetta loop files for regions of a protein with poor local fit to electron density.

  • Make exemplars: Create an exemplar for surface pockets on a protein that touch a target residue.

  • OptE: Refit reference weights in a scorefunction to optimize given metrics.

  • Pocket target residue suggestion: Suggest the best pair of target residues for pocket optimization for the purpose of inhibiting a protein-protein interaction.

  • PyMol server: Observe what a running Rosetta program is doing by using PyMol.

  • Sequence recovery: Calculate the mutations and native recovery from Rosetta design runs.

  • Pocket relax: Relax followed by full atom minimization and scoring with no PocketConstraint. Useful when performing pocket optimization.

Non-canonical amino acids

Antibody Utilities

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