The RosettaMP framework supports a set of movers that initialize elements of RosettaMP and implement sampling movers that account for the membrane environment. Each mover currently in the code and supported by the RosettaScripts interface is detailed in the pages below:

Movers for Initialization

Movers for changing the membrane position

Movers for docking

  • MPDockingMover Docks two membrane proteins
  • MPDockingSetupMover Reads in 2 poses and 2 spanfiles, concatenates them, and prints them out. Currently only works for 2 poses

Movers for sampling the protein embedding

Movers for Visualization

  • VisualizeEmbeddingMover Add embedding residues to the pose to visualize embedding of spans, chains or the entire protein
  • VisualizeMembrane Add a series of pseudoatoms for visualizing the membrane as planes of pseudoatoms in visualization programs (very expensive)

Other Movers


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